Best Military Style First Aid Kits Available To Civilians

The soldier’s first aid kit (also known as the “IFAK” or individual first aid kit) has had some major improvements over the last few years. I am almost embarrassed to say, but before America invaded Iraq, the first aid kits issued to us troops were pretty much the same kits issued to troops in Vietnam. Although the bandages inside where new and sterile, the over all the components were very similar.

When I say there were similar to the IFAK’s issued in Vietnam, I mean very similar. They typically contained a bunch of gauze, bandaged, athletic style wraps etc. It wasn’t until sometime after 2003 that the military stepped up their first aid game. Finally, someone woke up and started issuing life saving equipment like tourniquets, occlusive dressings and blood clotting agents. When was in training, the military taught me how to make a tourniquet out of a belt and a stick, literally.

Top 3 Military First Aid Kits From Scorpion Survival

#1- The Active Shooter Kit ELITE

This is our no holds bar, be ready for the worst trauma kit. If I was back in Iraq today, this is the IFAK I wish I was issued for one major reason. The Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet (RMT). To stop a major bleed, there is nothing better. It is truly the latest and greatest advancement in tourniquet technology in the last 30 years. It was built to last and designed to be applied with one hand. It is the easiest tourniquet to use when you’re by yourself, and the fastest easiest way to stop bleeding. The ASK Elite also includes a blood clotting agent and the Israeli pressure dressing these 2 items would be critical to treat a gunshot wound to the abdominal or chest area. There is also an occlusive dressing in the ASK Elite kit can be used as a chest seal till the paramedics arrive. Not to mention the ABD pad and trauma shears, all vital items.

#2) The Every Day Carry Active Shooter Kit

Every Day Carry Active Shooter Kit

SWAT T, 4" Israeli Battle Dressing, Compressed Gauze, Occlusive Dressing

33.99 44.99

Although it was close call, coming in at #2 on the list is the Every Day Carry Active Shooter Kit (EDC ASK). I put this kit ahead of the original ASK (seen below) for one major reason…compactness. Soldiers carry upwards of 100lbs gear, so space and weight is always a factor when adding needed equipment. The EDC was designed to contain life saving materials, but be compact enough to take anywhere. If I was in Iraq today I would tape the to the end of my buttstock or keep in an empty magazine pouch on my person. I would also carry this around the base when the threat level is reduced.

Even though you’re in a combat zone there is always that green zone where you’re technically safe. We do not carry our war fighting loads in these areas. However the EDC kit would fit perfectly on my cargo pocket pant leg. It’s just at the end of the day you’re better safe than sorry. In the EDC kit we packed a lot of life saving material into a small package. This package remains sealed until it is needed. Just rip it open and go to work. Despite this size, you have the SWAT-T and the Israeli pressure bandage. That alone is a powerful combo to treat most battlefield injuries. If those 2 are not enough there is still a 4-inch roll of gauze and a pack of compressed gauze.

#3) Medical Response Active Shooter Kit

Active Shooter Kit

Designed to save you life in case of a massive hemorrhage or serious wound

54.99 79.99

This kit comes maybe #3 on the list but always #1 in our hearts as this was the first active shooter kit we were able to mass produce as a company. This one is a beefed-up version of the EDC kit. It contains a blood clotting agent and larger 6” Israeli pressure dressing, ABD pad, occlusive dressing and gauze roll and EMT shears and the SWAT-T. If I was in Iraq again I know I would have this in the Vehicle within arms reach, or in my sleeping area.

All three of our Active Shooter Kit series are designed to be “military style” first aid kits. All three can help save your life or limb when the worst happens.

I am a retired US Marine and damn proud of it. I was Marine infantry during the Iraq invasion and after my deployment I went back as part of a paid private security team. I have seen proper first aid and preparedness save lives and lack of preparedness cause death. I have a passion for safety and being ready for anything. Trust me when I say this, at some point in your life the shit will hit the fan. You need to be ready. Follow us on twitter,

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    Jim August 10, 2017 at 2:00 pm

    I can totally relate to this entire article. I was another poor bastard in Iraq with a IFAK designed in the 60’s, wasn’t until I was almost done my service when they finally started issuing tourniquets. The RMT is freaking awesome BTW

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