Israeli Pressure Dressing Review- Everything You Need To Know

Israeli Pressure Dressing

Within the last few years, a company called Israeli First Aid made some major innovations to the traditional presser dressing that put it on the top on our list of things you must have in a medical kit. There are several reasons why, in my opinion, I say it’s the best.

Specs Rating
Low Cost
Ease Of Use

Some key factors are low cost, the effectiveness of the bandage, its ease of use and portability. The most common sizes on the market are the 4” and 6” bandage. The most common color is OD green, but other sizes and colors are available. They offer larger sizes than the 6” but nothing smaller than 4”. They are sterile and have a vacuum sealed inner and outer label. The package is tough and durable and the vacuum seal ensures that the bandage stays sterile.

Battle Dressing 

The True Genius of the Pressure Dressing

The bandage is composed of a square non-adherent/absorbent pad that is sewn to an elastic wrap. One thing Israeli First Aid did differently is instead of centering the pad in the middle of the wrap they put the pad near one of the ends. This creates a short side and a running side. However,  the real genius of this product is the plastic cleat that is on the outside of the bandage. It is dead centered on the pad which allows two things.

The first is a reference point on where to the place the bandage. Secondly, while applying,  allows the elastic bandage to feed right through the cleat while simultaneously permitting sustained pressure directly on top of the wound. When you are done wrapping the area, the running side has a plastic clip that will slip on and secure itself to the layers of wrapping. So, to summarize you have sterile material, short side and running side, a plastic cleat that creates some good leverage to get a nice tight wrap around a severe wound.

How To Use The Israeli Pressure Dressing

Many times those using this bandage are not doctors, and may have limited medical knowledge. When treating yourself or another person that has a deep puncture wound, all you can do is try to stop the bleeding and protect the wound. The ultimate goal is to stay alive until medical help can be delivered. A massive hemorrhage at some point will need the attention of a doctor. If you can stabilize the wound, you are buying time. The Israeli bandage will slow the bleeding by putting the maximum amount of pressure where it is needed the most.

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As I said before there are many types of combat pressure dressings on the market. They range in price from $3 to $65. The price range of the Israeli bandage lies between $10-$15. There are imitation bandages on the market that are not terrible, but the differences may shock you. I will do a video later to illustrate the these differences. The main reason for the higher priced bandages is that they are treated with blood clotting agents.

Of course, of off our Medical Response Active Shooter Kits comes with a Israeli Pressure Dressing (and a SWAT-T) among other much needed supplies.

I have spent many hours talking to Special Forces Medics, Navy Corpsmen, Paramedics, and doctors regarding clotting agents. The consensus is, if you are nowhere near a hospital or help is far away (let’s say approximately an hour) a clotting agent would be useful. However, if you are close to a hospital, not only would the clotting agent not have sufficient time to take effect, but it would then have to be cleaned out of the wound before treatment, so would be counterproductive.

It may be better to use a clotting powder or supplemental clotting agent with the bandage as a better, more versatile option.  At this point, it is more about your personal preference, but at the end of the day you can never go wrong with a proven battle dressing. Were you to ever find yourself in this dire situation, this could be the best $10 you have ever spent. I will leave this information and samples right here and please feel free to provide your input, as I am always trying to find ways to improve this kit.


I am a retired US Marine and damn proud of it. I was Marine infantry during the Iraq invasion and after my deployment I went back as part of a paid private security team. I have seen proper first aid and preparedness save lives and lack of preparedness cause death. I have a passion for safety and being ready for anything. Trust me when I say this, at some point in your life the shit will hit the fan. You need to be ready. Follow us on twitter,

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