Ratchet Tourniquet Review-The All New Battle Tourniquet

Introducing The new Best New Combat Tourniquet


When we talk about tourniquets the CAT (combat action tourniquet) usually comes to mind.  It has quickly taken the spot as the #1 tourniquet for law enforcement and military use. The CAT is made by North American Rescue it’s all around good product, but it does have some issues. Most persons in the United states military are trained and issued the CAT. Most everybody else (Law enforcement, Fire and even some schools) have this product laying around for the “just in case situation.”


We are proud to announce that we will be putting the RMT in our Medical Response Active Shooter Kit Elite (MRASK Elite) kit that will release this month expected retail in the 135.99 range!

Just because the military picks a product to use that does not automatically make the best. The military the majority of the time will go with the lowest bidder. Lowest bidder is not a quality guide if that were the case Payless Shoes would be the best shoe store in the country. Now don’t get us wrong, the CAT is a badass and has saved many lives. But we recently were introduced to the “next generation” of combat tourniquets, and this one takes the cake.

The Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet™ (RMT)


It gives me great pleasure to introduce the best tourniquet on the market. The Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet (RMT) made by m2 industries. The interesting thing about m2 industries is they are not a medical supply company. They are known for manufacturing high end ski boots and cargo straps. Once you see the (RMT) this all makes sense.

When you pick this product up in your hands you will notice the quality of it. This is no cheap chinese made piece of sh**.  It was built to work, and built to last. The strap itself is one solid piece of nylon similar to that of most tactile belts but has the indestructible feeling of a seat belt strap.

Nothing was overlooked by m2 when this product was designed. The belt loops are made from a textured hard metal that is double stitched in place. Once again, the details; they color coated the belt loops. Getting the end through the loops is the most important part of applying any tourniquet if you don’t do that step you will not be able to go to the steps that will actually stop the bleeding. The running end has a very sharp point to it making this step much more doable; in fact doing this with tactile gloves on is simple and quick.

Designed To “Bite”

Yes you heard that right. The RMT was actually designed so if you ever had to apply it to your upper arm by yourself there is a padded loop you can comfortably bite down on. This will keep the strap in place when you’re pulling the slack out. No other product on the market has this feature. The sole purpose of this is to allow an individual to apply the tourniquet themselve. This alone places the RMT a notch or two above the rest in our eyes.

m2® Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet™ (RMT™) Single Handed Application from m2 buckles on Vimeo.

Ratcheting Action

So instead of a windlass (the stick used to tighten other tourniquets) the RMT uses a ratcheting mechanism to tighten down. This mechanism allows this process to happen in a seconds and there is no more guess work on how much more you can tighten.

So the RMT is stronger durable and much much easier to use. There are instruction printed directly on the tourniquet. There is no training model tourniquet. You get this one you train with that one. This is a very durable. If I was going back into combat tomorrow I would take the RMT over any other model tourniquet that on the market. The CAT retails for around 25-30 dollars also there are a lot of counterfeits out there. The RMT is only slightly more expensive at $35.00. m2 industry makes a few other models that are thicker and high viz for use in the civilian market.


We are proud to announce that we will be putting the RMT in our Medical Response Active Shooter Kit Elite (MRASK Elite) kit that will release this month expected retail in the 135.99 range!

I am a retired US Marine and damn proud of it. I was Marine infantry during the Iraq invasion and after my deployment I went back as part of a paid private security team. I have seen proper first aid and preparedness save lives and lack of preparedness cause death. I have a passion for safety and being ready for anything. Trust me when I say this, at some point in your life the shit will hit the fan. You need to be ready. Follow us on twitter, https://twitter.com/scorpiomedkit

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