Why Every First Aid Kit and Bug Out Bag NEEDS The SWAT-T




Stands for Stretch, Wrap, and Tuck – Tourniquet.  At first glance this might appear to be a simple tourniquet, but there is more to this product that meets the eye.  When packing a bag or kit of any purpose, it is preferable that items in your kit can perform multiple functions.  The SWAT-T accomplishes this hands down. That is why it this is a must have for any survival kit, medical kit, first aid kit, or bug out bag.

Let’s go over some of the features of the SWAT-T.

  • The tourniquet comes packaged in a compact 2 ½ inches by 4 inches’ vacuum sealed sturdy plastic bag with notches that will allow you to easily open the package in a lowlight setting.
  • At first glance the SWAT-T would appear to be a giant rubber band that has been cut so it can lay flat.
  • Also included in the package is a wristband to record the application time if you’re utilizing the SWAT-T as a tourniquet.  You should always record the time that the tourniquet was applied.

A MUST HAVE for every first aid kit

Some other uses for the SWAT-T.

  •  Securing a split to a broken Limb and Broken bones

The SWAT-T combined with a padded aluminum split like the SAM or even a wire mesh split can be used to stabilize a fractured arm or leg. These splints are light weight flexible and can be folded or rolled up for easy storage.  The SWAT-T is roughly 4 feet long and 4 inches wide.  The material is stretchy and so you’ll have enough material to make your wraps.
Use the SWAT-T as a sling.  Ideally, you would want to use a triangular bandage when making a sling for a broken arm.  The SWAT-T will work in a pinch, however, to do this, you would want to tie the ends of the SWAT-T together behind the person’s back (avoid having the knot over thier spine) and use the hanging loop to secure/support the injured limb.

If you happen to have a triangular bandage with you, you can also use the SWAT-T to secure the injured arm to the body.  This will prevent more damage to the injured arm during transport of the patient.  When dealing with broken bones you want to avoid bouncing around and movement.

  • How To use As A Direct Pressure Dressing 

The SWAT-T can stop bleeding when used as a tourniquet, however if the bleeding is not severe enough to warrant the use of a tourniquet or the injury is in the abdomen/torso area to SWAT-T can be combined with an abdominal pad, crinkle gauze, or whenever material is available at the time, (in this case and sterile gauze would be preferable). Cover the wound, then use the SWAT-T to wrap and make a secure connection.

If there is a gunshot wound to the chest, there is a good chance the patient will have something called a sucking chest wound.  There are several commercial chest seals available, but there are ways to use the other basic first aid supplies in the MR ASK’s (Medical Response Active Shooter Kit), or even the wrappers they come in to rig a chest seal that can work just as well.

As you can see, by adding a few of the right items to your kit, you can be better prepared to handle what ever gets thrown at you.  SWAT-T, Crinkle gauze, Splint, Triangular bandage, Zero form occlusive dressing and a 4 inch gauze roll will get you a long way in an emergency and may even save a life! There is no reason why you shouldn’t have a SWAT-T in the truck of your car, or stashed away somewhere handy in case of an emergency.  Everything mentioned above is available in the MR. ASK Kits for under $40.00.

  • Non-medical uses

The SWAT-T can be used as a restraint. Or to tie someone’s legs together to stabilize a fractured leg and make it safer to transport them to get help. In a survival situation, if thrown on a fire this rubber bandage will produce black smoke that a search party could see. You could also use it to fashion a type of sling-shot or rock sling to hunt small game. It could also even be used in place of 550 cord or bungee strap to secure unexpected loads.

I am a retired US Marine and damn proud of it. I was Marine infantry during the Iraq invasion and after my deployment I went back as part of a paid private security team. I have seen proper first aid and preparedness save lives and lack of preparedness cause death. I have a passion for safety and being ready for anything. Trust me when I say this, at some point in your life the shit will hit the fan. You need to be ready. Follow us on twitter, https://twitter.com/scorpiomedkit

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